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Ice Cream Party


Like most successful businesses, our story begins with passion. A love for deliciously rich ice cream combined with the desire to share it with the world. Since 2000 we’ve been working hard to provide the highest quality flavors to all the ice cream lovers out there and we don’t plan on stopping till everyone’s gotten a taste.


Rabbit Rabbit Cream: Where Your Sweetest Dreams Come True After opening our first store, Rabbit Rabbit Tea in the Westlife Valley Fair Mall 5 years ago, we couldn’t help but continue our dreams with another woman-owned business. And those dreams involved that cloudlike creaminess that only comes from ice cream. But we didn’t want to serve the same kinds of things that you find everywhere else. That’s why at Rabbit Rabbit Cream, you’ll find soft serve ice creams, parfaits, and floats infused with our best-selling milk teas, all made from the freshest and most high-quality ingredients. We also have those creamy milk teas, fruit drinks, and matcha lattes you love. They’ve served as the inspiration to our flavors like Earl Grey, Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, and more. In the mood for savory? We thought of that too! At our tea-centric soft service shop in the Stanford Shopping Center, we’ve created a vibrant atmosphere where kids and adults alike will delight in the whimsy all around. Take a break from life and discover a sweeter side of life brought to you with one of a kind toppings, mix and match options, and the kinds of Instagram-worthy aesthetically-pleasing desserts that make you the envy of all. Our energetic baristas craft each order individually, ensuring quality control to give you the ultimate experience that satisfies your desires to combine boba and ice cream. Look for our signature rabbit mascot at Rabbit Rabbit Cream, where your sweetest dreams will come true!

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